ChatStart - Build ChatGPT powered startup. Fast!

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ChatGPT and generative AI models are about to transform almost every industry. Get your startup the first mover advantage.

💬  ChatStart accelerates your startup in three easy steps

1. Ideate: Select or search for your next big idea from a growing selection of ChatStart use cases we have coded for you.

2. Explore: Start chatting with a custom chatbot to explore the idea as an end user.

3. Generate: Once you have exactly the kind of chatbot you want to build, one button click will generate custom tutorial and code for implementing this idea in your app. Fast!

Integrate Multiple Generative AI Models

Use multiple generative AI models in same chat, turning ChatGPT into a prompt generator and expert co-artist for creating stunning DALL.E images.

Extend ChatGPT with Real-time Data

ChatGPT turbo model was trained on dataset current until Sep 2021. What if your application requires latest information from web? No problems, ChatStart can integrate real-time Google APIs like the Custom Search Engine API within the context of the chat. So, you can build chatbots which can recommend news, media, shopping products, all within the same chat session and UX!

Build ChatGPT Emulators

ChatGPT can be used to build learning and utility bots to emulate tools like the Mac Terminal.

Media Discovery Bot

You can build a media discovery bot with in-place videos playing as part of chat UX. Next level!

Simulate Domain Experts

You can build assistants for specialized functions like Doctors to help them scale their presence during busy time.

Specialized Knowledge Base

Build a chat to query a specialized knowledge base like medicine and pharmacy information.

Visual Story Generator

Imagine an interactive story generator for kids where story progresses with each message and generates visual imagery to match. New story every time!

Natural Language Analytics

Use natural language to query world knowledge, create datasets, visualize these as charts, and then customize and manipulate these to run analytics inside a chat UX.

Data Science Assistant

Generate custom datasets, treat them as native Python constructs like Pandas DataFrames. Make data science super productive.

Generate Custom Code and Tutorials

Convert chat transcript into a code snippet and custom tutorial to integrate within your app.

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ChatStart - Build ChatGPT powered startup. Fast!

0 ratings
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